Why it is important to calculate your body fat percentage

For many people today, it is important to improve their fitness. An important indicator for a healthy and efficient body is the body fat calculation. This value provides information that goes beyond normal weight.

Individual analysis

The body fat calculation gives you a precise individual analysis of your body composition. Knowing your own body fat percentage helps you to adjust your fitness and nutritional goals and implement them more effectively.

Effectiveness of training plans

Regularly measuring your body fat percentage gives you an overview of whether your training and nutrition plans are working or whether you need to make adjustments.


Optimize your nutrition strategy

Many people today tend to gain weight quickly due to a lack of time and highly processed foods. A nutrition strategy in conjunction with regular body fat measurements can help you find the best nutrition strategy for you and implement it permanently

Promoting long-term health

Being overweight and having a high body fat percentage is often a sign that you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Being overweight can be responsible for many diseases. You should always make sure that your body fat percentage is within a "healthy" range.

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